Improve Cats’ Lives

Life at a shelter is often scary and stressful for cats, and many develop stress-related illnesses if left in that environment too long. Paws & Purr will improve the lives of rescue cats by taking them out of cages and providing them with a safe, comfortable and loving temporary home until they are adopted by their furever families.

Increase Adoptions

Some cats can become anxious, depressed and withdrawn in stressful shelter settings, and may therefore be overlooked by potential adopters if they don’t readily display social and affectionate behavior. The fun, nurturing and interactive environment of the cafe will encourage our resident cats to relax and socialize with our visitors, thereby allowing their true and unique personalities to shine. Furthermore, by providing a unique space and experience for animal lovers, Paws & Purr will significantly increase the exposure of rescue cats to potential adopters. Adopters will have the opportunity to interact with and get to know multiple cats to ensure that they are choosing the right feline fit for their families and homes.

Reduce Unnecessary Euthanizations

Paws & Purr will be partnering with Kitty Kare Feline Rescue, who rescues cats from the City of Thunder Bay Animal Services that are at risk of being euthanized. Since the cafe will house between 10–15 cats at any given time, this will free up space and resources at our partner rescue, allowing them to save even more cats. We will also strive to increase awareness and provide education regarding the importance of spaying and neutering all pets in hopes of reducing the number of stray and unwanted animals that are abandoned and ending animal overpopulation in Thunder Bay.

Mutual Enrichment

Not only will Paws & Purr enrich the lives of its feline residents, our cats will mutually enrich the lives of our human patrons as well. Spending time with a cute and cuddly cat has been shown to actually trigger the release of calming chemicals in the body that help reduce anxiety and stress, and can even help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Feline companionship can also help people cope during times of loss and grief, and has been shown to improve the lives of people facing various mental health challenges. We don’t know about you, but we LOVE spending time with our cats in the comfort of our homes, so what if we could offer you a similar calm, cozy expurrience at the cafe? Can you feel that stress melting away as you sip tea with a furry purring bundle of cuteness in your lap?